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  • On Nov. 14, 2018, we changed our ticketing system to the EITS GACRC TeamDynamix ticketing system. The registration links on this page were updated to the new pages.

Here is the landing page of all entries for account request:

GACRC Support Entry

All persons using GACRC resources must meet the requirements described on the GACRC Policies page.

GACRC user accounts are managed as part of a "computing lab" group which is registered by a UGA principal investigator (PI) i.e. faculty member. Users are typically post-docs and graduate students working under the direction of the PI. The account creation process is twofold:

Computing Lab Registration

A UGA faculty member may request a computing lab with us by providing the following information on our Lab Registration.

Any following changes can be addressed at Lab Modification/Deletion

By applying for a group account, the Principal Investigator is agreeing that all users will abide by the UGA Policies on the Use of Computers.

User Accounts

The PI of a computing lab must request user accounts for members of his/her computing lab. Please use our User Accounts Registration.

Any following changes can be addressed at Account Modification/Deletion

NOTE: New users are required to attend an introductory training session and information about that will be sent once an account is requested.