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Perl and UNIX-shell scripting

Automating and simplifying tasks with command-scripts is a routine procedure in the Unix/Linux environment. We regularly help users develop scripts to suit their specific needs.

Code Development

We provide assistance with code compilation and debugging in serial and parallel environments.

Computational Physics

Computational physics methods are sometimes useful and applicable to problems in other fields. We provide some consultation for computational physics algorithm selection and implementation.


From the installation of programs and data (e.g., genetic databases), to helping users get started, bioinformatics support is a key support area.

General Usage

GACRC staff are available to provide consultation in order to facilitate and optimize the use of GACRC’s resources. We are available to meet with small groups of users, and to provide guest lectures for courses that use GACRC resources.



  • Guy Cormier, Ph.D.
    Director, UGA Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center
    Associate Research Scientist, Institute of Bioinformatics

GACRC Consultants

  • Saravanaraj "Raj" Ayyampalayam, Ph.D.
    High Performance Computing Facilitator and Bioinformatics Specialist
  • Shan-Ho Tsai, Ph.D.
    Computational Physics and High Performance Computing consultant
  • Zhuofei Hou, Ph.D.
    High Performance Computing Consultant and Lead Trainer
  • Suchitra Pakala, M.S.
    Cluster usage and Bioinformatics Trainer


  • Paul Brunk
    Principal Unix System Administrator
  • Bruce Carpenter
    Linux System Administrator
  • Len Ewen
    Linux System Administrator


  • Greg Derda, Ph.D.
    Operations Manager Extraordinaire

Office Hours

GACRC staff are located in the Computing Services Building (formerly called Statistics Building), rooms 101 to 108. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm. You are welcome to stop by and ask questions, or you can schedule an appointment using the GACRC General Support.


The Computing Services Building is located at 101 Cedar Street, Athens, GA 30602, on the corner of Cedar Street and East Campus Rd. As you enter the building from the entrance on Cedar Street, on the East Campus Rd. end of the building, there are stairs leading down to the first floor. Our offices are on your left, as you come down those stairs.