Sapelo and Sapelo2 comparison

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side-by-side comparison of Sapelo and Sapelo2.

Sapelo Sapelo2
Operating system Centos 6.5, 6.8 Centos 7.1 kernel, other components updated beyond 7.1 Up20.png
Queueing system Torque 5.1.1, Moab 8.1.1 Torque, Moab 9.1.1 Up20.png
Deployment system Scyld ClusterWare/Beowulf Cobbler Up20.png
Node and system configuration Scyld ClusterWare/Beowulf Puppet Up20.png
Login node RAM 2 GB (was 512MB for much of its life) 128GB Up20.png
Login node cores 1 core, Intel Xeon (Sandy Bridge) two nodes, 24 cores per node, Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 (Haswell) Up20.png
Home directory /home/MyID, NFS exports from 3 ZFS-using "Icebreaker" units /home/MyID, NFS exports from 3 ZFS-using "Icebreaker" units Up20.png
Scratch directory /lustre1/MyID, served by CS1500, not accessible on login node /lustre1/MyID, served by CS1500, accessible on login nodes Up20.png
Shared application/data space NFS export from a ZFS-using "Icebreaker" unit NFS export from a ZFS-using "Icebreaker" unit Up20.png
Environment modules LMOD 5.8 LMOD 7.4.17 Up20.png
Containers Not Available Singularity Up20.png
User ssh access to job-running nodes Not Enabled Enabled Up20.png

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