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From "GaussView is a graphical user interface designed to help you prepare input for submission to Gaussian and to examine graphically the output that Gaussian produces. GaussView is not integrated with the computational module of Gaussian, but rather is a front-end/back-end processor to aid in the use of Gaussian." For more information, please see

NOTE: Users are required to sign a license agreement form before being allowed to run this software. Please fill out the GACRC Support Form to check if you have permission to use this software.

Running Program

Also refer to Running Jobs on zcluster.

GaussView5 is installed in /usr/local/g09/intel/gv (note that by default g09root is set to /usr/local/g09/intel).

Please do not run GaussView directly on the login node. To run GaussView, please first start an interactive session using the qlogin command, once the prompt on an interactive node is returned, start GaussView. Note that you will need to have your SSH configured to export X to your local machine. For more information on how to run remote X-windows applications, please see Connecting and our Frequently Asked Questions. Note for Windows users: If you are using Xming, you will also need to have Xming-mesa installed.

Sample commands to start GaussView



If you are having trouble with GaussView starting, with errors about X11 or "OpenGL is not available", or if you are on a Mac and the GaussView window does not display properly, please try to type the command below before invoking GaussView on the interactive node:

export USE_MESAGL=1 



Installed in /usr/local/g09/intel/gv


64-bit Linux